Comprehensive services

We offer top of the line services that utilize advanced technology to ensure accurate results.

Home Sample Collection

Canscan’s Home sample collection service is another initiative to get closer to our patients and deliver the highest standards of healthcare through experienced phlebotomists to maintain the highest standards of sterility and accuracy for drawing sample.

- Call us between 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from Mon to Sat to pick-up sample from home.
- Our experienced staff will collect the samples at a convenient time from your home.

In most cases the reports will be ready by the same evening and the patient will be informed over phone to collect the report when ready

Prenatal Screening

In order to promote healthy pregnancies through early diagnosis of chromosomal defects and fetal abnormalities, we offer First Trimester (FTS) and Second Trimester screening,in association with global industry leader Perkin Elmer.

We follow international guidelines established by FMF (Fetal Medical Foundation), UK.

Screening conducted for Down syndrome, Edward syndrome,Patau syndrome and ONTDs (Open Neural Tube Defects).

The combined FTS test offers risk assessment based on age of the patient, NT (Nuchal Translucency) measurement and biochemistry analysis of blood sample.

Master Health Checkups

Periodic health checkups make good sense. In the long term, they prove to be a smarter, cost effective choice. They enable early detection of an ailment or disease, allowing patients to seek timely treatment. Moreover, it makes them more self aware and driven to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Based on individual need, we offer diverse screening packages that include Master Health Checkup, Executive Health Package, and other screening tests such as cardiac profile, diabetic profile, renal profile, thyroid profile, pre-natal screening etc.

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As a Doctor, you require the support of accurate patient reports for effective patient diagnosis and to provide quality care. We are a multi-modality diagnostic centre employing latest technology,
delivering comprehensive and essential diagnostic services with patient friendly care. .

In order to provide superior customer experience we have put together a team of, qualified doctors as well as experienced staff and technicians. Apart from the presence of a full time Sonologist, our patients benefit from the expertise of consultants that include Pathologists, Radiologists and Cardiologists who review reports before they are issued.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide the best possible service to your patients.

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Pre-employment and regular screening during employment can help employers control costs associated with wrong recruitment and productive time loss due to sickness.

While Pre-employment screening helps identify if the candidate is fit to carry out the job he or she is being considered for and whether they will be fully productive on the job, Regular screening during employment can help detect problems among employees that might affect their productivity on the job. Regular screening will also motivate the workforce as this shows commitment towards employee well being.

CANSCAN can provide customized company health check up programs designed to cater to the needs of Corporates and working professionals.

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